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Recent Learning Experiences

Participation in APA webinar by Dr Biggs discussing the management of rotator cuff tears. This discussed the latest thinking and research around surgical vs conservative management of this very common injury.

Meryn has enjoyed exploring the many uses of ‘dynamic tape’ at a recent course. It’s spring-like properties make it different to standard sports tape and her patients are enjoying the support it gives while allowing them to move freely.

TMJ or jaw pain is a complex condition, often with multiple causes. At a recent course, Meryn updated her knowledge of TMJ pain and treatment strategies. As is often the case with chronic injuries, effective treatment often involves looking at other factors such as the neck, leg length, teeth, posture and the neural system.

A recent course on Pregnancy & Exercise included the latest research on the benefits and precautions of pre and post natal exercise. Best management of common conditions associated with pregnancy such as abdominal separation, SIJ instability and pelvic floor dysfunction were also addressed.