Karyn Whelan (Physiotherapist)

B App Sc (Phty) M App Sc (Phty) (Research) MAPA

Karyn comes from a broad clinical background in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy and women’s health, having worked in a variety of private practices and hospitals. 

One of Karyn’s special interests is her role as an Ante-Natal Physiotherapy Educator for pregnant women at the Sutherland and St George Hospitals. Her focus is to empower women through education, exercise and practical strategies to prevent and deal with common concerns. She is also a mum.

Karyn brings extensive experience from her previous role as a Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney and the Australian Catholic University and has been involved in research studies into snow sports injuries and their prevention, physical conditioning programs for workers, and complex pain management.

She is a Physiotherapist to representative and Australian OzTag Teams, which sees her travel interstate and internationally with the teams.

Karyn is available to provide:

  • treatment of all musculoskeletal and sport injuries;
  • Semi custom orthotics;
  • advice and management of issues related to pregnancy such as back and pelvis pain, incontinence, wrist pain, mastitis and abdominal separation;
  • Treatment of womens’ health conditions such as incontinence;
  • Treatment of shoulder and arm issues related to breast surgery;
  • Comprehensive Lymphoedema management, including manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD), pneumatic pressure pump, compression bandaging and measuring for custom made compression garments;
  • Physiotherapy to Paediatric patients.

Karyn is available for consultation on Wednesdays and Fridays, with convenient early and late appointments available. Call 9520 1881 or click on the ‘Book Online’ section of this website.

Research Publications:

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